Our Yarn

In 2003 Carle started to knit socks and began her quest for the perfect sock yarn. The colours/quality available locally were so disappointing that she realised she would have to learn to dye her own yarns. She chose the name Nurturing Fibres for her Indie dyeing label because she nurtures colour into the yarn and then you, the knitter, crocheter, weaver then nurture the yarn into a garment. Finally, the garment nurtures and comforts.

Carle is chief dyer, colour developer and is the dye house manager.
Karl manages the stock levels, supplies, and accounts.
Nolundi is her right handed (wo)man, she is an excellent dyer and all yarns dyed pass through her hands. They are aided by Erik, who also does balling.
Juamanda does balling and assists Nolundi helps with the dyeing of the wool
Ruben makes the skeins and assists with the balling.

One of their passions is to work closely with nature and they, try run the business on with environmentally friendly farming methods, and use renewable energy sources like solar. They correct the pH of all left-over water and use it to water staff gardens, and the olive orchard.  Their cotton is locally grown and while not certified organic, it has been farmed with these principles.

They work in cotton, cotton and bamboo, bamboo and kid silk to create their beautiful yarns

Hester and Martine (mother and daughter) decided to take the plunge and started

to create beautiful hand dyed yarn.  After lots of blood, sweat, tears and yarn flying, MoYa was born! 

“We are very proud of our truly fabulous range of yarns we have created – loving what we do every day. We have a passion for the yarn, the colours and LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing what people create with our beloved MoYa’

MoYa has 8 Yarn Collections: Cotton Double Knit, Bulky Plush, Lace Plume, Piccolo Baby Weight 3 ply, Aran Caresse and Cotton Timu 10 ply. All these are complimented by their Bamboo 4ply and the 80% Bamboo 20% Textured Cotton Luxe Double Knit

Dana Biddle is a fibreholic – slightly off beat, dancing to her own tune, a whizz at multi-tasking and juggles being a wife; mother; fibre artist; author; consulting editor for Stitches magazine

ColourSpun yarns and fabrics are created by hand; therefore, each skein is imbued with the artist’s energy and will have its own unique characteristics. Only the finest quality, pure cotton and locally grown kid mohair, merino wool and roving is used; coloured in a smoke free and pet friendly environment using earth friendly dyes.

She was constantly looking for colours of yarn that just didn’t exist, so she started dyeing her own. Although the first attempts were far from satisfactory, she kept experimenting and learnt a huge amount about natural fibres, dyeing and spinning and soon had a large stash of yarn. Each skein was unique. ColourSpun was born.

She developed a process that uses the minimum amount of water, solar heat and if necessary gas, which is a cleaner alternative to electricity.

‘My signature will always be fabric and yarn that is different, each piece and skein having its own character and filled with a special energy.’

Dana’s yarn comes in 360 different, repeatable colours and an infinite number of unique in every thickness from lace weight to Giganto. She works in cotton, kid mohair and merino yarn and roving.